PUNE METRO 18th to 20th Oct 2021

Application No S152028
Roll No 11002113540720
Category OBC
Exam Date 19/10/2021
Subject Station Controller - Train Operator -Train Controller (Mechanical)
Candidate Exam Day Photograph
Marks Obtained 40.66
1. Option shown in green colour with a tick is the correct answer
2. Chosen option on the right of the question indicates option selected by the candidate.
Section : Part 1 - Marathi Language (Marathi Language)
Q.1लहानपण दे गा देवा ।मुंगी साखरेचा रवा’ या कवितेतील अलंकार कोणता.
Ans1. अनन्वय
2. दृष्टांत
3. व्यतिरेक
4. रूपक
Q.2प्रमुख रसांची संख्या किती मानली जाते
Ans1. दोन
2. सात
3. नऊ
4. पाच
Q.3क्रियापदाच्या रूपावरून क्रिया आता घडत आहे असा बोध होत असेल तर तो कोणता काल असतो.
Ans1. वर्तमान
2. भविष्य
3. यापैकी नाही
4. भूतकाळ
Q.4गटात न बसणारा शब्द ओळखा.
Ans1. प्रभात
2. रात्र
3. निशा
4. यामिनी
Q.5‘पूर्वी शिक्षक पगडी घालत असत’ या वाक्यातील कालवाचक क्रियाविशेषण अव्यये कोणते?
Ans1. पगडी
2. घालत
3. शिक्षक
4. पूर्वी
Q.6पुढीलपैकी कोणाला मराठीमध्ये ज्ञानपीठ पुरस्कार मिळाले नाही.
Ans1. विंद करंदीकर
2. वि. स. खांडेकर
3. पु. ल. देशपांडे
4. भालचंद्र नेमाडे
Q.7काळाचे मुख्य ...... प्रकार पडतात.
Ans1. दोन
2. तीन
3. दहा
4. चार
Q.8संस्कृत भाषेतून मराठीमध्ये जशासतसे आलेल्या शब्दांना ............. शब्द असे म्हणतात.
Ans1. परकीय
2. देशी
3. तद्भव
4. तत्सम
Q.9रेल्वे या इंग्रजी शब्दाला पुढीलपैकी ग्रामीण रूप कोणते?
Ans1. आगीची वाहने
2. आगीनगाडी
3. दिलेले सर्व पर्याय
4. रेल
Q.10गटात न बसणारा शब्द ओळखा.
Ans1. कर्तरी
2. कर्मणी
3. भावे
4. अव्यये
Q.11कीर्तन हे ............ संप्रदायाचे महत्त्वाचे महत्त्वाचे मध्यम होते.
Ans1. वारकरी
2. महानुभाव
3. समर्थ
4. नाथ
Q.12इंटरनेट म्हणजे
Ans1. आंतरजाळ
2. ऑनलाईन माहिती
3. आंतरजाल
4. यापैकी नाही
Q.13मनातील वैयक्तिक दु:खाची भावना जर साहित्यातून अनुभवाला आली तर कोणत्या रसाची निर्मिती होते.
Ans1. हास्य
2. बीभत्स
3. रौद्र
4. करुण
Q.14‘ही माझी नवी छोटी शाळा’ या वाक्यात ‘ही’, ‘माझी’, ‘नवी’, ‘छोटी’ हे सारे शब्द ‘शाळा’ या नामाची ........... आहेत.
Ans1. सर्वनामे
2. अव्यये
3. क्रियाविशेषणे
4. विशेषणे
Q.15दूरचित्रवाणी ---------- माध्यम आहे.
Ans1. श्राव्य
2. मुद्रित
3. दृक
4. दृकश्राव्य
Section : Part 2 - General Awareness (English Language)
Q.1Find the next term of the series.
3, 4, 6, 12, 36, 156, ___
Ans1. 986
2. 656
3. 236
4. 876
Q.2How many seconds does Arun take to cover a distance of 500 m, if he runs at a speed of 50 km/hr?
Ans1. 36 seconds
2. 30 seconds
3. 26 seconds
4. 16 seconds
Q.3A number when divided by 121, leaves a remainder 14. If the same number is divided by 11, find the remainder.
Ans1. 2
2. 3
3. 4
4. 1
Q.4Which film has won the best feature film award at the 67th National Film Award ceremony?
Ans1. Chhichhore
2. Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.
3. Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea
4. Panga
Q.5Which country successfully test fired antitank guided missile “Helena” and “Dhruvastra” recently?
Ans1. Japan
2. Pakistan
3. Nepal
4. India
Q.6Fill the missing term of the given series:
P5QA, P4QC, P3QE, _____, P1QI
Ans1. P2QG
2. PQG
3. PQG2
4. PQ3G
Q.7How much amount does India plan to spend on its infrastructure in the next 5 years to achieve the goal of USD 5 trillion economy by 2024?
Ans1. USD 2.7 trillion
2. USD 2.4 trillion
3. USD 1.4 trillion
4. USD 1.9 trillion
Q.8Ostrich’s eggs are considered as the largest cell. What is its size?
Ans1. 0.1 µm
2. 1 meter
3. 30 cm
4. 18 cm
Q.9What was the objective of the Butler Committee of 1927?
Ans1. Define the jurisdiction of the Central and Provincial Governments
2. Improve the relationship between the Government of India and the Indian States / Princely States
3. Impose censorship on national press
4. Define the powers of the Secretary of State for India
Q.10Which state government has launched India's first government run ambulance network for animals?
Ans1. Madhya Pradesh
2. Uttar Pradesh
3. Andhra Pradesh
4. Himachal Pradesh
Q.11Who has been awarded with Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021?
Ans1. Nick Nichols
2. Robert Irwin
3. Mark Fitzpatrick
4. Martin Bailey
Q.12Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the international body Stop TB Partnership Board?
Ans1. Prathap C. Reddy
2. Dr. Rajesh Bhushan
3. Dr. Randeep Guleria
4. Dr. Harsh Vardhan
Q.13Ram is twice as fast as Akhil. Akhil is thrice as fast as Akshay. What time will Ram require to travel a distance double the distance travelled by Akshay in 1 hour and 18 minutes?
Ans1. 36 minutes
2. 13 minutes
3. 26 minutes
4. 2 hours, 36 minutes
Q.14What least value must be assigned to * so that the number 319*6594 is divisible by 9?
Ans1. 9
2. 1
3. 4
4. 8
Q.15Which of the following is not a full time member of MERCOSUR - South American Common Market?
Ans1. Argentina
2. Chile
3. Paraguay
4. Uruguay
Q.16Roja can eat 20 mangoes in one hour. Her sister Laila needs three hours to eat the same number. How much time will they take to eat 20 mangoes together?
Ans1. 40 minutes
2. 25 minutes
3. 35 minutes
4. 45 minutes
Q.17A train passes a pole in 6 seconds and 500 long platforms in 16 seconds. How much time will the same train take to cross a platform which is 400 meter long?
Ans1. 20 second
2. 15 second
3. 18 second
4. 14 second
Q.18In a row of boys, Kamlesh is fifth from left and Prathamesh is sixth from the right. When they exchange their positions, Kamlesh becomes thirteenth from the left. What will then be the Prathamesh's position from the right?
Ans1. 7th
2. 18th
3. 11th
4. 14th
Q.19In a group of 7 Loksabha MPs and 5 Rajyasabha MPs, five MPs are to be selected for a committee. In how many different ways can they be selected such that maximum three Rajyasabha MPs should be there?
Ans1. 210
2. 735
3. 560
4. 756
Q.20What letter comes second to the left of letter that is immediately to the right of letter that comes forth to the letter that comes Midway between the letter third to the left of letter E and the letter two to the right of letter H, with respect to following sequence?
Ans1. D
2. J
3. A
4. H
Q.21A tradesmen charges are 20% over cost price. He allows his customers 10% of their bills for cash payment. His net gain per cent is?
Ans1. 15
2. 10
3. 12
4. 8
Q.22If the clock read 3:20 and if the minute hand points South-West, in which direction will the hour hand point?
Ans1. North-East
2. South-East
3. South
4. North-West
Q.23Soumya invests ₹ 14000, which is 35% of her annual income, in stocks. What is her Annual income?
Ans1. ₹ 50,000
2. ₹ 20,000
3. ₹ 30,000
4. ₹ 40,000
Q.24Which of the following processes are involved in a volcano?
1. The melting of rocks inside the earth.
2. Coming out of melted magma on the surface of the earth.
3. Formation of small and large crystalline rocks after the cooling of lava.
Ans1. 1 and 2
2. 2 and 3
3. 1 and 3
4. 1, 2 and 3
Q.25What were the major features of Government of India Act, 1919?
Ans1. Dual governance in the provinces
2. Independent Representation for Muslims
3. Relaxation of central control over the provinces
4. Making the Indian Legislature more representative
Q.26In this question, some equations are solved on the basis of a certain system. On the same basis find out the correct answer from amongst the four alternatives for the unsolved equation.
13 × 48 = 8314, 56 × 92 = 2659, 17 × 41 = ?
Ans1. 1471
2. 1174
3. 1714
4. 1147
Q.27Which of the following is the main factor that causes ozone depletion?
Ans1. Sulphur
2. Carbon dioxide
3. Chlorine
4. Fluorine
Q.28Which letter group will appear in place of the question mark ?
Ans1. TRS
2. CEF
3. GHF
4. YBA
Q.29After the resignation of the Chairman of the State Public Service Commission, he can be______
(1) Eligible for membership of Public Service Commission of other States.
(2) Eligible for the post of Chairman of Public Service Commission of other States.
(3) Eligible for membership of the Union Public Service Commission.
(4) Eligible for the post of Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission.
(5) Eligible for the post of Secretary to the Government of India and above.
Identify the correct statement / statements.
Ans1. 2, 4 and 5
2. 1, 2 and 4
3. 1, 2, 3 and 4
4. 2, 3 and 4
Q.30The intense odour on putting Bleaching powder in water is of which gas?
Ans1. Hydrogen
2. Chlorine
3. Oxygen
4. None of the options
Q.31The ratio of milk to water in 391 litres solution is 12 : 11, then how many litres of milk should be added in solution to get the final ratio as 2 : 1?
Ans1. 160 litres
2. 150 litres
3. 180 litres
4. 170 litres
Q.32A, B and C form a partnership firm on 1 January. A invests his ₹ 3,000/- on 1 January. B and C however invest ₹ 5,000/- and ₹ 8,000/- on 1 June and 1 September respectively. If the profit at the end of the year is ₹ 4,120, how much amount will C get as his share of profit?
Ans1. ₹ 1,280
2. ₹ 1,440
3. ₹ 1,400
4. ₹ 1,200
Q.33It was Thursday on 1st of October 1981. What date was it 4 days prior to the fifth Sunday immediately after 1st of October?
Ans1. October 28
2. October 29
3. November 01
4. October 27
Q.34A lift has the capacity of 18 adults or 30 children. How many children can board the lift with 12 adults ?
Ans1. 15
2. 6
3. 10
4. 12
Q.35Kiran, Gopal and Himmesh are intelligent. Kiran, Rupesh and Jeevan are hardworking. Rupesh, Himmesh and Jeevan are honest. Kiran, Govind and Jeevan are ambitious. Who among the following is neither hardworking nor ambitious ?
Ans1. Gopal
2. Kiran
3. Rupesh
4. Govind
Section : Part 3 - Domain Subject (English Language)
Q.1Structural sections such as rails, angles I beams are made by
Ans1. Hot piercing
2. Hot rolling
3. Hot Extrusion
4. Hot drawing
Q.2In four stroke compression ignition engine, which of the following component is absent?
Ans1. Camshaft
2. Spark plug
3. Valves
4. Fuel injector
Q.3Which one of the following statement is not true for micro Hydro scheme?
Ans1. It has capacity less than 100KW.
2. Power is generated for local use only.
3. A complicated and sophisticated control scheme is used.
4. It is used where a grid does not exist.
Q.4Insulating material used for air conditioning system should have high --------------
Ans1. cost
2. thermal conductivity
3. heat absorption capacity
4. corrosive resistance
Q.5Instructions to subordinates should not be
Ans1. stated in minimum words
2. clear
3. feasible
4. ambiguous
Q.6Giving recognition to workers is
Ans1. negative non monetary motivation
2. positive monetary motivation
3. negative monetary motivation
4. positive non monetary motivation
Q.7The amount of heat absorbed to evaporate 1 kg of water from its saturation temperature, without change of temperature, is called........
Ans1. Enthalpy of steam
2. Sensible heat of water
3. Entropy of steam
4. Latent heat of vaporisation
Q.8The use of the air pumps in the condenser is to
Ans1. Remove condensate
2. Remove air leaking in the condenser and to maintain the vacuum.
3. Maintain atmospheric pressure in the condenser
4. Remove water
Q.9Work zero (W) is the part origin from which, all the co-ordinates and tool paths of the program are measured to develop the part program. --------- Statement is/are correct for work Zero.
Ans1. The work zero is denoted by the letter “ W ”
2. It is not fixed point and can be changed by programmer to programmer.
3. The work zero is decided by programmer.
4. All statements are correct.
Q.10In humidification process,
Ans1. specific humidity decreases at constant DBT
2. specific humidity increases at constant DBT
3. specific humidity increases and DBT reduces
4. specific humidity and DBT both increase
Q.11Communication should be
Ans1. complex
2. two sided
3. single sided
4. non focused
Q.12In order to cut complete “T” slots milling operation,--------numbers of cutters are used.
Ans1. Three
2. Two
3. One
4. None of the options
Q.13Hot air at 150 deg. Celsius flows over a flat plate maintained at 50 deg. Celsius. The convection heat transfer coefficient is 50 W/m2.deg. celsius. The heat gain rate by the plate of area 2 m2 is?
Ans1. 10 W
2. 1 KW
3. 100 KW
4. 10 KW
Q.14Which of the following cannot control flow rate
Ans1. Pressure and temperature compensated FCV
2. Check valve
3. Fixed restriction FCV
4. Needle valve
Q.15If cutting face of the tool is 90 degree to the line of action or path of the tool, this type of cutting is called-----------
Ans1. None of the options
2. Both Option (A) and Option (B)
3. Option (B): Oblique cutting of metals
4. Option (A): Orthogonal cutting of metals
Q.16Which of the following is the inversion of a four bar chain mechanism?
Ans1. Coupling rod of locomotive
2. Pantograph
3. All of the options
4. Beam Engine
Q.17Method used for straightness testing is
Ans1. Autocollimator method
2. All of the options
3. Straight edge method
4. Spirit level method
Q.18Which among the following raw material is used for biodiesel production?
Ans1. Animal &Vegetable fat
2. Leaves
3. Coal
4. Corn
Q.19Provision regarding safety and safe work environment is made in
Ans1. Minimum Wages Act
2. Indian Dispute Act
3. Indian Factory Act
4. Workmen’s Compensation Act
Q.20In multi-storeyed shopping complex -------------- is used.
Ans1. Indirect type central air conditioning system
2. Package type air conditioning system
3. Unitary air conditioning system
4. Direct type central air conditioning system
Q.21The viscosity of an Ideal fluid is
Ans1. None of the options
2. less than one
3. zero
4. greater than one
Q.22The period, during which the cam rotates but the follower does not move is called as
Ans1. Dwell period
2. Operating period
3. Rest period
4. Dull period
Q.23Errors which are regularly repetitive in nature are
Ans1. Avoidable error
2. Environmental error
3. Random error
4. Systematic error
Q.24Re circulating ball screw is essential in CNC machine to avoid-------
Ans1. All of the options
2. Stick slip phenomenon
3. To remove backlash
4. To avoid the jerky movement of tool.
Q.25Which of the following is NOT a type of follwoer?
Ans1. Needle follower
2. Knife edge follwer
3. Roller follower
4. Mushroom follwer
Q.26What is good site for installing wind mill?
Ans1. An open shore line
2. A round hill top
3. All of the options
4. An open field
Q.27The greatest advantage of ________ accumulator is positive sealing between gas and oil chamber
Ans1. All of the options
2. Bladder type
3. Spring loaded accumulator
4. Dead weight accumulator
Q.28The index movement for cutting 28 teeth on spur gear blank using simple indexing method is------
Ans1. One complete turn of the index crank and 9 holes on a 21 holes index plate.
2. None of the options
3. Nine complete turn of the index crank and 1 hole on a 21 holes index plate.
4. One complete turn of the index crank and 3 holes on a 7 holes index plate.
Q.29In synchromesh gear box, ------ are provided to synchronise the speed of input and output shaft so that gear shifting is smooth as compare to other gearboxes
Ans1. Dog clutches
2. Synchronizer sleeves
3. Friction Cones
4. Selector rods
Q.30Isothermal efficiency is defined as
Ans1. Ratio of indicated power to isothermal power
2. Ratio of isothermal power to indicated power
3. Ratio of isothermal power to brake power
4. Ratio of brake power to isothermal power
Q.31Internal leakage of oil in the Hydraulic valves will increase with_______
Ans1. Option (B): Decrease in viscosity
2. Option (A): Increase in pressure
3. Option (C): Increase in viscosity
4. Both Option (A) and Option (B)
Q.32The main composition of biogas is _______________
Ans1. Carbon dioxide
2. Hydrogen
3. Nitrogen
4. Methane
Q.33Tenth schedule of Motor Vehicle Act -1988 describes -----
Ans1. Traffic Signs
2. Registration Marks
3. Speed Limits
4. Driving regulations
Q.34Crystal structure of Aluminium is ....................
Ans1. Body centered cubic
2. Face centered cubic
3. Simple cubic
4. Hexagonal close packed
Q.35The turbine having highest specific speed is
Ans1. Francis turbine
2. Pelton turbine
3. Kaplan turbine
4. Bulb turbine
Q.36Anemometers are used to measure flow of
Ans1. current
2. heat
3. air
4. liquid
Q.37Which of the following material acts as a reduction catalyst in Catalytic Convertor?
Ans1. Titanium
2. Rhodium
3. Platinum
4. Palladium
Q.38Cast iron during machining produces
Ans1. Continuous chips with built up edges
2. Discontinues chips
3. None of the options
4. Continuous chips
Q.39The principle of management which implies that employee should receive orders and instructions from one superior is called
Ans1. Centralisation of authority
2. Unity of direction
3. Esprit de Corps
4. Unity of command
Q.40Line balancing is technique of
Ans1. Balancing different account statements
2. Finding waste time for a product
3. Balancing different work stations
4. Balancing material flow
Q.41Flow control valve when used in “ Meter In “ circuit with constant displacement pump can cause
Ans1. All of the options
2. Opening of pressure relief valve
3. Reduced speed of piston
4. Heating of the oil
Q.42In a four stroke IC engine, the turning moment during ___________ stroke is throughout positive.
Ans1. Suction
2. Expansion
3. Exhaust
4. Compression
Q.43The order in which the effort applied to the steering wheel to steer the front wheels is transferred is ------
Ans1. Steering wheel, steering column, steering gearbox, tie rod, steering knuckle, front wheels
2. Steering wheel, steering column, steering knuckle, tie rod, steering gearbox, front wheels.
3. Steering wheel, steering gearbox, tie rod, steering column, steering knuckle, front wheels.
4. Steering wheel, steering gearbox, steering column, tie rod, steering knuckle, front wheels.
Q.44The parallel fillet welded joints are designed for ----------- strength
Ans1. shear
2. compressive
3. crushing
4. tensile
Q.45The first type of lever have
Ans1. Effort between the load and the fulcrum
2. Fulcrum placed between the effort and load
3. Load in between the effort and the fulcrum
4. Load and effort acting at the same point
Q.46Metrology deals with the organization and development of measurement standards and with their maintenance is called -
Ans1. Scientific Metrology
2. Fundamental Metrology
3. Industrial Metrology
4. Legal Metrology
Q.47Air at temperature T1 passes over a cooling coil and comes out at temperature T2. Temperature of cooling coil is T3. Then bypass factor of cooling coil will be defined as
Ans1. ( T1-T3) / (T2-T3)
2. ( T3-T2) / ( T1-T3)
3. (T2-T3) / ( T1-T3)
4. ( T1-T3) / ( T3-T2)
Q.48Letter ‘H’ in the tyre designation - 185/60 R 14 82 H indicates ------
Ans1. Tyre construction
2. Load Index
3. Number of plies
4. Speed rating
Q.49     ---------- Condenser is generally used in household refrigerator.
Ans1. Tube in tube type air cooled condenser
2. Double tube condenser
3. Wire mesh type air cooled condenser
4. Forced air cooled condenser
Q.50A sine bar is specified by
Ans1. Centre distance between two rollers
2. The size of the rollers
3. Weight of the sine bar
4. Its total length
Q.51The standard width for square or rectangular key in terms of shaft diameter (d) is,
Ans1. d/8
2. d/4
3. d/2
4. d
Q.52The maximum Flame temperature occurs
Ans1. At the center of the cone
2. At the inner cone
3. At the torch tip
4. At the outer cone
Q.53__________ is the branch of theory of machines, which deals with only the motions of the parts and not the forces on them.
Ans1. Kinematics
2. Statics
3. Kinetics
4. Dynamics
Q.54In two stroke petrol engine, which of the following component is absent?
Ans1. Valves and valve mechanism
2. Inlet and exhaust port
3. Spark plug
4. Cylinder head
Q.55------- is used for coating the electrode
Ans1. Slag
2. Protective layer
3. Deoxidiser
4. Flux
Q.56For a turbine having flow rate of water 0.21 cubic meter per second and head of 50 m, the water power is
Ans1. 2060 kW
2. 21 kW
3. 103.005 kW
4. 1050 kW
Q.57Eutectic transformation in Fe-C occurs at……. degree Celsius temperature.
Ans1. 768
2. 727
3. 1539
4. 1147
Q.58ODP stands for -----------
Ans1. Oxygen discharge pressure
2. Open delivery process
3. Ozone depletion potential
4. Outlet Discharge pressure.
Q.59In modern automobiles, the ABS system is used to –
Ans1. Maintain directional control by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking
2. Prevent nose dives during braking and thereby postpones locking of the wheels
3. Reduce the stopping distance when brakes are applied.
4. Minimize fading of brakes.
Q.60Ultra low pressure can be measured using
Ans1. Diaphram
2. Bridgman gauge
3. Ionization gauge
4. Bellows
Q.61Muff coupling is used to couple two shafts of 40mm diameter. Calculate diameter of Muff
Ans1. 15 mm
2. 10 mm
3. 80 mm
4. 40mm
Q.62In which of the following case is the pitch measured parallel to the axis correct, but the thread is not to a true helix?
Ans1. Sunken thread
2. Metric thread
3. Whitworth thread
4. Drunken thread
Q.63A Solar Cell is made up of
Ans1. Titanium
2. Silicon
3. Magnesium
4. Teflon
Q.64Absorption hygrometer work on the principle that certain hygroscopic materials show
Ans1. change in temperature
2. change in colour
3. change in electric properties
4. change in physical and chemical properties
Q.65Y-alloy is an alloy of ......
Ans1. Aluminum, copper, nickel & magnesium
2. Copper, nickel & magnesium
3. Aluminum, copper & magnesium
4. Aluminum, copper & nickel
Q.66Designation X20Cr18Ni2 indicates___________________________________
Ans1. None of the options
2. High alloy Steel with avg. carbon content of 2.0 %, 1.8 % chromium & 0.2% Nickel
3. High alloy Steel with avg. carbon content of 0.2 % , 18% chromium & 2% Nickel
4. High alloy Steel with avg. carbon content of 2.0 %, 18 % chromium & 2% Nickel
Q.67Select the proper order for steps of the design process
Ans1. Imagine, Ask, Plan, Improve, Create, Communicate
2. Need, Synthesis Material selection , Design of elements , Modification , Detailed drawing , Production
3. Ask, Improve, Communicate, Brainstorm, Create, Plan
4. Ask, Plan, Create, Imagine, Improve, Communicate
Q.68In a manufacturing shop spindles are bring machines. 10 Samples with sample size of 100 are tested and it was found 1 or 2 or 3 spindles found with burr for different sample. Which quality chart will you propose for monitoring quality of process
Ans1. Q-chart
2. P chart
3. X-chart
4. R- chart
Q.69Water flows through a horizontal pipe from section A to section B. At section A, the water has velocity of 1 m/s and pressure 50 kPa at section A. At section B, if the velocity of water is 2 m/s, what will be the intensity of pressure?
Ans1. 28.5 kPa
2. 132.5 kPa
3. 75 kPa
4. 48.5 kPa
Q.70Compounding of steam turbine is done for
Ans1. Increasing the rotor speed
2. Reducing the work done
3. Reducing the rotor speed
4. Decreasing efficiency of turbine
Q.71The following types of materials are usually the most ductile
Ans1. All of the options
2. Body-centered cubic lattice
3. Hexagonal close packed lattice
4. Face-centered cubic lattice
Q.72In method study following chart is based on time scale
Ans1. Multiple activity chart
2. Outline process chart
3. Two handed process chart
4. Travel chart
Q.73Fast decision making is possible in
Ans1. Line and staff organisation
2. Functional organisation
3. Informal organisation
4. Line organisation
Q.74Which of the following is true for reciprocating pump
Ans1. Flow is intermittent
2. Discharge is low
3. High pressure can be generated
4. All of the options
Q.75The feed check valve is used in boiler in order to
Ans1. Check level of water in boiler drum
2. Regulate flow of steam
3. Allow high pressure feed water to flow to drum and not allow reverse flow to take place
4. Recirculate unwanted feed water
Q.76For opaque surfaces
Ans1. Reflectivity + Absorptivity = 0
2. Reflectivity = 0
3. Absorptivity = 0
4. Transmissivity = 0
Q.77Torsion spring is used in ------------
Ans1. Seat suspension
2. Watches
3. Shock Absorber
4. Ball pen
Q.78Bio-diesel is
Ans1. exudates of plants
2. an upgraded vegetable oil
3. obtained from pyrolysis process
4. obtained from fermentation of sugars
Q.79As per Industrial factory Act, working hours of adult worker should not be more than
Ans1. 40 hrs
2. 48 hrs
3. 42 hrs
4. 45 hrs
Q.80Air Refrigeration System is used in --------------------------
Ans1. Aircraft cooling
2. Water Cooler
3. Central Air Conditioner
4. Window Air conditioner
Q.81Arrange correct sequence in relevance to supply chain management. a. Distributor, b. Product manufacturer, c. Component manufacturer, d. Retailer
Ans1. a-d-b-c
2. c-b-a-d
3. a-b-c-d
4. b-a-c-d
Q.82Which part of slotting machine is used to hold the tool?
Ans1. Tool head
2. Ram
3. Cross rail
4. Vice
Q.83The abrasive slurry is used in ultra-sonic machining contains fine particles of-------
Ans1. Silicon carbide
2. Aluminum oxide
3. All of the options
4. Boron carbide
Q.84Automation in industry calls for
Ans1. Use of Internet of Things
2. Remote and direct control of production process
3. All of the options
4. Less human intervention
Q.85While roughness is referred to as a primary texture, …………is called a secondary texture.
Ans1. Error of geometry
2. Error of form
3. Waviness
4. Lay
Q.86Locating pressure gauge very near to the venturimeter causes
Ans1. environmental error
2. operational error
3. instrument error
4. observational error
Q.87If no load is connected to solar PV system
Ans1. Its voltage will go on increasing till its breakdown.
2. It will start reflecting the light.
3. It will stop absorbing light.
4. It will dissipate energy in the panel and increase its temperature.
Q.88In accepting sampling plans n & c indicates ……. & ……. respectively
Ans1. Sample size, defective samples
2. Accepted, rejected samples
3. Accepted, found OK samples
4. Sample size, found OK samples
Q.89Main feature(s) of Ishikawa diagram include
Ans1. All of the options
2. Based on cause & effect concept
3. Causes of failure are grouped in to major categories
4. Primary categories include Men/Machine/Measurements/Methods
Q.90Gear tooth vernier is used to measure
Ans1. Gear tooth profile
2. Gear tooth thickness
3. Pitch line thickness of gear tooth
4. Module
Q.91What is the gauge factor of strain gauge in which 1 % resistance change occurs when 0.005 mm strain is applied?
Ans1. 4
2. 1
3. 2
4. 8
Q.92Which type of vehicle layout is most commonly used in passenger cars?
Ans1. Rear engine rear wheel drive
2. Front engine front wheel drive
3. Front engine rear wheel drive
4. Four-wheel drive
Q.93LVDT is used for measurement of
Ans1. force
2. torque
3. displacement
4. electric current
Q.94------are the characteristic of the canned cycle.
Ans1. Canned cycle is reduces the space in the memory of computer.
2. Canned cycle is used for repetitive operation number of times where, material is to be cut in multiple passes.
3. All of the options
4. Canned cycle is used to reduce the length of program and minimize time required for programming.
Q.95   ___________ converts the fluid pressure energy into mechanical energy only in one direction
Ans1. One way valve
2. Unidirectional motor
3. Meter in circuit
4. Unidirectional pump
Q.96In ----------------- psychometric process moisture content of air remains constant and its temperature increases as it flows over a heating coil.
Ans1. Latent heating
2. Sensible heating
3. Heating with humidification
4. Heating with dehumidification
Q.97In Lithium – Bromide absorption system ------- is used as refrigerant
Ans1. Freon 22
2. Ammonia
3. Water
4. Freon 12
Q.98Identify the Thermo setting plastics from the following.
Ans1. ABS
2. Epoxy
3. Acrylics
4. Polystyrene
Q.99When a body moves along the straight line path, then the body has
Ans1. centrifugal and tangential component of accelearion
2. Kleins component of acceleration
3. only centripetal component of acceleration
4. only tangential component of acceleration
Q.100During flow through pipe, for given available head, maximum power will be transmitted when the frictional loss of head equals
Ans1. the total head
2. (1/3)rd of the total head
3. twice the total head
4. (1/2) of the total head